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Software Description & System requirements

Corel Painter is the leader program in digital art and painting, perfect to imitate the traditional painting techniques in the digital realm. If you want to start in the digital art world you have to try this program developed by Corel.

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Corel Painter 2015 Keygen
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Corel Painter 2015 work artist by Cliff Cramp
Work artist by Cliff Cramp with Painter 2015

The perfect tool for painters

If a program is able to perfectly imitate the traditional painting techniques in the digital painter realm, characteristics that have made the program favorite digital painting from professional designers and illustrators from around the world its hundreds of brushes, paper textures and media that emulate perfectly the art materials and techniques in the real world.

Corel Corporation today announced a new version called just “2015“, his slogan “Redefine the boundaries of art” reflects very well what you can get to create with the new in this release, among which the new brushes particles (Particle Brushes) using the laws of physics allow you to create a single stroke, effects that were previously impossible.

Painter 2015 new Brushes
Painter 2015 new Brushes

This new 2015 version is now available in English and can be downloaded from Corel’s website at page, the full version is priced at € 424.95 and supports 64-bit native on both Mac and Windows platform.

In case you still do not know, Corel Painter is the digital painting program that Corel Corporation has earned to be the leading program in the industry these past few years. Thousands of professional illustrators and artists who praise the virtues of Painter, the program has been able to move with great fidelity and power of traditional painting techniques to digital media. Corel Painter is popular among professional artists from around the world for hundreds of brushes, paper textures and media that emulate perfectly the art materials and techniques in the real world.

Digital Art by Dwayne Vance
Digital Art by Dwayne Vance

What is Corel Painter for

Used for professional illustration in many different fields such as industrial design, drawing storyboards, film sets, comics, fashion designs, concept cars and of course to create digital art, Corel Painter was created by artists for artists.

Painter 2015 is the result of a huge collaborative effort by professional artists from around the world to improve the user experience, optimize existing workflow and add new technologies to maximize the limits of digital art,” said Andy Church , chief product of Corel Painter. “What we’ve managed to create with this version is much more than digital art software: it is a platform for inspiration, creativity and reflection.

New Particle Flow Flare Brush

There are important new brushes and new motion that produce more organic art or maps which control flow saturation wet media to interact with the canvas. In addition, improved workflow when cloning with grid, draw in perspective and transform multiple layers at once.
A new search engine brushes greatly facilitates the search for the perfect brush and brush controls advanced considerably simplifies the customization options.

Corel Painter 2015 "two gondolas" by Melissa Gallo
“Two gondolas” by Melissa Gallo

New outstanding features in 2015

Whether it comes to photographic art, and traditional art, artwork, concept art and designs, this new Painter features has new tools to further improve the already great digital art studio which is this program. Below we highlight some of the new features:

  • Brushes with movement brings random elements to your brushstrokes adding universal properties of movement to any expression of brush or using any of the 25 new brushes moving
  • Search engine brushes: find the perfect brush that inspires you in seconds just by typing terms into the search bar such as names or brush properties, and make sure the brush is looking with enhanced preview dab in real time.
  • Cloned by grid: sets the source image next to the cloned image and takes advantage of the grid, marking the origin of cloned and lets you focus on creating well.
  • Guide perspective streamlines the creation of objects with dimensions using the fit to draw prospects for 1, 2 or 3 points and represent spatial depth with precision.
  • Controls Smart Brush: brush changes the properties more easily, since the panel only shows the options that can be modified.
  • Panel reference picture opens a reference image in the new panel to Display a visual inspiration as you paint, without switching from one window to another.
  • Transformation of several layers: a transformation applied to a selection of several layers.
  • Flow Maps: creates unique and irregular patterns with this technology that controls wet media on canvas to produce less saturation peaks canvas textures and saturation in the valleys, as would happen with colors using authentic materials .

What’s New In Corel Painter 2015

With Painter 2015 you can create works of art so close this article with three works created entirely with the software, by artists Marta Dahlig, Erik Holmen and Bill Hall.

Corel Painter work by Bill Hall
Work by Bill Hall

How to Crack in Windows

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How to Crack in MacOS

1) install Corel Painter 2015 with one of this serials

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2) go to applications\corel painter 2015
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5) start Corel Painter 2015 and enjoy it


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