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Chances are that you already use Microsoft 365 and know how powerful it is. Microsoft 365—formerly Microsoft Office and Office 365—is the behemoth of office suites. It’s packed with features, available online and offline, gets regular updates, and does more to facilitate collaborative work than its competitors. The main caveat is that so many complex features can sometimes be overwhelming. To its credit, Microsoft is working on this. Outlook, for example, is in the process of being replaced by New Outlook, which is easier to use. Microsoft 365 is already the best office suite overall and an Editors’ Choice winner, and streamlining should only improve it.

How Much Does Microsoft 365 Cost?

Unlike rival suites, Microsoft 365 has native apps for every important platform except Linux. The full suite runs as a set of subscription-based desktop apps in Windows and macOS, with free mobile versions on iOS and Android and free web-based versions for any browser, making the suite available via the web for any platform, including Linux. Subscriptions include an email account. A one-person subscription, Microsoft 365 Personal, costs $69.99 per year for use in Windows, macOS, phones, and tablets, signed in to five devices at once. The more economical Microsoft 365 Family costs $99.99 for up to six people, with up to 5 devices each signed in simultaneously. Business users can choose from various plans, starting with Microsoft 365 Business Basic for $6 per user per month, with web and mobile apps but no desktop software. From there, it goes up to Microsoft 365 Business Premium, which includes desktop software, at $22 per user per month.


  • The most powerful, feature-rich office suite
  • Smooth collaboration features
  • Distraction-free focus view in Word
  • Convenient automated features in Excel
  • Regular updates with added features
  • Includes access to web and mobile versions


  • Outlook’s new version lacks essential features from the old version
  • Word’s automation features are intrusive and hard to control
  • Some features are deeply hidden in obscure menus

Microsoft 365 is a fast-evolving suite, with updates every two or three weeks, often with newly added features that change the interface in ways that may take some getting used to. (Free online-only suite Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides also has frequent updates but with less radical changes than Microsoft’s.)

For this reason, corporate IT managers and anyone who dislikes software-by-subscription will prefer the non-subscription “perpetual-license” version that Microsoft packages for Windows and the Mac as Office Home & Student 2021 ($149.99) or the high-powered Office Professional 2021 ($439.99) and Office Professional Plus 2021, available for corporate and educational use under volume-license plans.

The Windows-based Professional packages include the desktop-publishing app Microsoft Publisher and the database Microsoft Access, apps mainly used by organizations that have been using older versions of those apps for decades. Perpetual-license users get bi-monthly security updates installed automatically by Windows Update. Still, they don’t get the monthly jolt of new features that Microsoft provides subscribers, and they don’t get the 1TB of OneDrive online storage (per user) and other extras that come with Office 365.

Microsoft 365’s powerful suite includes the well-known Word for document creation, Excel for spreadsheets, and PowerPoint for presentations. Additionally, it features Outlook for email and calendar management, OneNote for note-taking, and OneDrive for cloud storage, providing a comprehensive suite of tools for both personal and professional use.

Exploring Microsoft 365’s Advanced Features

One of the standout features of Microsoft 365 is its ability to seamlessly integrate across different devices and platforms. Whether you’re using a PC, a Mac, a smartphone, or a tablet, Microsoft 365 ensures that your files and applications are accessible and synchronized in real time. This cross-platform compatibility is a significant advantage for users who need flexibility and consistency in their workflow.

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

Microsoft 365 is designed to enhance collaboration and productivity among teams. Microsoft Teams, for example, is a robust communication and collaboration platform that integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps. Teams allows for video conferencing, instant messaging, file sharing, and collaborative document editing, all within a single interface. This integrated approach helps teams stay connected and work more efficiently, no matter where they are.

Security and Compliance

Security is a top priority for Microsoft 365. The suite includes advanced security features such as data encryption, threat detection, and compliance management. These features help protect sensitive information and ensure that organizations meet industry standards and regulatory requirements. With Microsoft 365, users can be confident that their data is secure and their privacy is protected.

Automated Workflows with Power Automate

Another powerful feature of Microsoft 365 is Power Automate, a tool that allows users to create automated workflows between different apps and services. This can help streamline repetitive tasks and improve efficiency. For example, you can set up a workflow to automatically save email attachments to OneDrive or to send notifications when a specific event occurs. Power Automate integrates with a wide range of services, both within and outside of the Microsoft ecosystem, making it a versatile tool for boosting productivity.

AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Microsoft 365 also incorporates AI and machine learning technologies to enhance the user experience. Features like Excel’s Insights and Word’s Editor use AI to provide intelligent recommendations and help users improve their work. These tools can identify patterns, suggest improvements, and even automate complex tasks, making it easier for users to produce high-quality results quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive Support and Resources

Microsoft offers extensive support and resources for Microsoft 365 users. From detailed online documentation and tutorials to community forums and direct customer support, users have access to a wealth of information and assistance. Whether you’re troubleshooting an issue or looking to learn more about a specific feature, Microsoft’s support infrastructure ensures that help is always available.

In summary, Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive suite that offers a wide range of tools and features designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and security. Its cross-platform compatibility, regular updates, and robust support make it an excellent choice for both individuals and organizations. As Microsoft continues to innovate and improve its offerings, users can expect even more powerful and intuitive tools in the future.

If you’re considering Microsoft 365 for your personal or professional needs, it’s worth exploring the different subscription options and evaluating how its features align with your specific requirements. For more information, you can visit the official Microsoft 365 website or check out reviews and comparisons from trusted sources like PCMag.

Microsoft Word has a range of automatic features, such as border lines and numbered lists, which can be customized to better suit your preferences. To stop Word from inserting border lines automatically, you’ll need to adjust its auto-format settings. This process involves navigating through several dialog boxes, and some settings can be tricky to manage. For instance, you can disable Word’s grammar flagging while typing, but the grammar-checking in the Editor pane requires turning off numerous individual options, one by one.

With so many advanced features, finding what you need in Word can sometimes be a challenge. That’s why Word includes a prominent search bar in the title bar of the app. This search field helps you locate features and even find help topics. For example, if you can’t remember that the menus for editing headers and footers are in the Ribbon menu’s Insert tab, just type “Insert Header” into the search bar, and Word will display the relevant menu.

Microsoft 365 xforce crack

However, the Help feature might not always show you the exact location of the tools on the ribbon. Some gaps exist. For example, if you need the Master Document feature, which allows you to compile a large document from individual chapters, the search field won’t find it unless you first switch the View setting from Print Layout to Outline.

Anyone who has worked on a lengthy document in Word knows it can sometimes act unpredictably. While preparing this review, I encountered an issue where Word inexplicably italicized everything on two pages of a document containing many book titles, not just the titles. Fixing the formatting took over an hour. The Master Document feature is also known for being unstable, occasionally losing track of which sections should be separate files and which belong to the master document.

Word’s layout options can be illogical at times. To change page margins in the middle of a document, you need to create a new “section,” which can disrupt footnote and endnote numbering unless manually corrected. This issue is not unique to Word; almost all word processors follow similar layout rules, except for Corel WordPerfect, which allows margin changes anywhere without affecting other elements.

If you have old Word documents from twenty years ago, you might find that Word refuses to open them. This is because old file formats supported macros that could potentially harm your system. However, word processors like LibreOffice and Corel WordPerfect can safely open these old documents since they can’t run embedded macros. You can persuade Word to open some old documents by adjusting settings in the Trust Center under the Options menu.

Word combines powerful features with occasional frustrations, a trade-off most users accept due to the lack of practical alternatives in many professional settings.

Word on the Mac

Most features available in Word for Windows are also present in the Mac version. However, the Mac version is less convenient because it lacks the extensive keyboard shortcuts that power users rely on in Windows. A few years ago, Word for Mac included unique graphical features like a 3-D display of graphic layers, making it easier to use than the Windows version. Unfortunately, these features have been removed in recent updates.

One significant advantage of Word over its competitors is the powerful Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming language, which is also used in Excel and PowerPoint. Although VBA has a steep learning curve, anyone can start by recording a macro and examining the generated code in Word’s built-in Visual Basic editor. While LibreOffice and Corel WordPerfect also have macro languages, Word’s VBA is widely supported, making it easy to find solutions online.

Excel Excels

Excel has consistently outperformed other spreadsheet applications in terms of speed and power. The current Microsoft 365 version further extends its lead. Although Google Sheets is catching up in processing speed, it lacks a desktop app and doesn’t offer Excel’s extensive feature set. LibreOffice Calc is the best desktop alternative but is slower and less feature-rich. Apple’s Numbers excels at creating visually appealing worksheets but falls short in advanced financial and corporate functionalities.

Excel includes features that automate formatting and layout, which work more reliably with the structured data in spreadsheets compared to the freeform text in Word. One of my favorite features is Power Query, which transforms raw data from a web table or CSV file into a well-formatted Excel worksheet with sorting buttons at the top of each column.

Both the Windows and Mac versions of Excel offer similar features, although the Mac version often has more straightforward and aesthetically pleasing dialogs. Unfortunately, some of Excel’s most convenient features, like Flash Fill—which automatically completes data based on patterns—are only available in Windows.

Excel’s reliability and ease of navigation, even in its most advanced features, make it stand out. It’s beginning to adopt some graphical features from Apple’s Numbers, enhancing its capability to create visually engaging worksheets.


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