AutoCAD 2025 XFORCE KEYGEN (Win+Mac)

Hello friends, great news! Here we bring you the latest version of the AutoCAD 2025 crack patch created by the people at CODEXCPY, CORE and our friends of XFORCE.

This crack works with their respective trial version. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows or MacOS version.

This version is a simplified version of PainteR group’s “universal patcher” but much easier to install.

It is very simple to install: just follow the steps of the installer and finally mount the .iso image and run setup.exe as shown in the video tutorial. It only has an advertisement, if you want to avoid advertising you can register in the forum and download and install it from there. Any questions can be asked in the forum directly to its authors. Thank you for your continued support!



Download our AutoCAD 2025 crack-patch
Release Date: 5/1/2024 (Latest Windows version)
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Download CORE-KEYGEN AutoCAD 2025 for mac
Release Date: 5/1/2024 (Latest macOS version)
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AutoCAD 2025, Keygen & Crack
Keygen Version: v1.3.1
Release Date: 5/1/2024
Compatible with:
64-bit Microsoft® Windows® 11 and Windows 10 version 1809 or above
Apple® macOS® Sonoma v14
Apple macOS Ventura v13
Apple macOS Monterey v12
net framework 4.5 needed
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Highlighted Features of AutoCAD 2025

Embark on a journey to uncover the latest innovations within Autodesk AutoCAD 2025, boasting tailored toolsets for specific industries, novel automation capabilities, and invaluable insights.

AutoLISP Evolution Revolutionize your workflow efficiency with the integration of Visual LISP IDE, enabling seamless automation through AutoLISP scripting.

Intelligent Block Management Effortlessly position blocks based on past placements or swiftly locate and substitute existing blocks, streamlining your design process.

Autodesk AI Assistant Harness the power of conversational AI for swift access to AI-driven support and solutions tailored to your AutoCAD needs.

Personalized Project Insights Accelerate project completion with tailored features, macros, and tips designed to cater to your unique requirements.

Comprehensive Activity Tracking Stay abreast of crucial design data with detailed multi-user event logs, facilitating seamless access and monitoring.

Efficient Markup Integration Streamline the consolidation of revisions and feedback from paper or PDFs, enabling effortless comparison, review, and automated updates.

Seamless Integration with Autodesk Docs Publish your CAD drawing sheets as PDFs directly from AutoCAD to Autodesk Docs, ensuring seamless collaboration and documentation.

Unified AutoCAD Experience Experience the flexibility to capture, share, and review ideas anytime, anywhere, with a unified AutoCAD interface across desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

Secure Drawing Review with Trace Efficiently review and annotate DWG files without modifying the existing drawing, ensuring streamlined collaboration and feedback processes.

Tailored Specialized Toolsets

Access a plethora of parts and additional features tailored to specific industries with AutoCAD’s specialized toolsets.

Enhanced Connectivity with Autodesk App Store and APIs

Customize your AutoCAD experience with APIs, enabling the creation of custom automations and access to over 1,000 third-party apps.

Conceptualize in 2D and 3D

Engage in design activities using 2D drafting tools and immersive 3D modeling capabilities, incorporating realistic lighting and materials to bring your concepts to life.

Discover What’s New in AutoCAD 2025

Unveil a plethora of features unlocking insights and efficiencies, empowered by Autodesk AI and tools aimed at enhancing collaborative workflows.

NEW Features in AutoCAD 2025

Dive into the latest offerings that redefine your AutoCAD experience, leveraging cutting-edge technology and intuitive features:

Smart Blocks: Search and Convert Effortlessly locate objects in your drawings and convert them into instances of newly defined blocks, existing or recently used blocks, or suggested blocks from your Block Libraries, powered by Autodesk AI. (Watch the 50-second video demonstration for a quick overview.)

Smart Blocks: Object Detection Tech Preview Boost design efficiency by automating the recognition of objects for conversion into blocks, a feature powered by Autodesk AI. This technology preview, still under development, promises continuous evolution and improvement. (Check out the 42-second video demonstration for a sneak peek.)

ENHANCED Activity Insights Stay informed with access to essential design data through detailed multi-user event logs, tracking over 35 activity types, including version history and file comparison tools. Now with support for files managed on Autodesk Docs, stored locally, or hosted on third-party cloud storage. (Watch the 1 minute and 32 seconds video demonstration to explore the enhanced capabilities.)

NEW Markup Import from Autodesk Docs Import and synchronize PDF markups from Autodesk Docs effortlessly. Once synced, markups from Autodesk Docs update seamlessly in a Trace layer within AutoCAD, simplifying the review and feedback process. (See the 1 minute and 22 seconds video demonstration for a walkthrough.)

ENHANCED Hatch Enhance the clarity of your designs with convenient updates to the familiar HATCH command. Add texture to your drawings through patterns, fills, and paths without pre-defined shapes or enclosed boundaries. (View the 1 minute and 6 seconds video demonstration for a closer look.)

ENHANCED Autodesk Assistant Quickly access valuable support and solutions via the conversational interface powered by Autodesk AI. Dive deep into questions related to features and design challenges without leaving AutoCAD. Autodesk Assistant offers summarized responses and learning resources for further assistance. (Watch the 1 minute and 48 seconds video demonstration to see the enhancements.)

NEW ArcGIS® Basemaps Ground your site plans with real-world geographical information using Esri’s ArcGIS® Basemaps. Choose from five Basemaps featuring high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery, OpenStreetMaps and Streets, along with light and dark gray monochrome map styles.

Explore More Features of AutoCAD 2025

Discover a plethora of features and enhancements that promise to revolutionize your CAD experience, with AutoCAD as your trusted companion.

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