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Overview of Autodesk Design Review

View, annotate, measure, and review 2D and 3D CAD designs with ease. Track changes efficiently and prepare designs for printing.

Key Features

For those who need to measure, annotate, and mark up 2D and 3D designs without using the original creation software, Autodesk Design Review is an excellent solution. This user-friendly application saves both time and money. It comes bundled with every Autodesk design product, streamlining approval and markup processes. By using this tool, you can combine specifications and images into a single file, enabling designers to comment on and alter the initial CAD file seamlessly, thanks to the round-trip markup integration with Autodesk design products. You can view, plot, and publish DWG files effortlessly.

Engineering and Change Management

Additionally, Autodesk Design Review offers robust status checking for managing change orders in engineering projects. It boasts exciting features for both 2D and 3D designs, including markup and viewing capabilities, sectioning, pull-apart tools, and animation navigation tools. Finding data in DWF files is quick and straightforward, whether you’re looking for street names on maps or building components.

Boosting Team Productivity

Team productivity gets a boost with Autodesk Design Review’s customizable user interface. Files from Revit, 3D Map, AutoCAD, and Autodesk Inventor can be automatically published in the DWFx format, facilitating seamless collaboration among team members without the need for additional software, especially when using Windows Vista OS.

Personal Impressions

I’m particularly impressed by Autodesk’s efforts in this area. When project managers request ‘drawings’ for printing on their desktop A3 printers, they invariably ask for PDF format.

Not DWG or DWF, but exclusively PDF.

Personally, I’ve always favored DWFs and tried to promote it as a format. However, the transformation of the old ‘DWF Viewer’ into the modern Autodesk Design Review has been less than satisfactory. When Adobe introduced 3D PDF capabilities, Autodesk followed suit, but the new Autodesk Design Review doesn’t measure up to the simplicity of the old DWF Viewer. It feels like a mix between the upgraded DWF Viewer and DWF Composer, trying to compete with the latest Acrobat Reader.

Final Thoughts

As a side note, after becoming disillusioned with Acrobat Reader versions 6.0 and 7.0, I switched to Foxit Reader for regular PDF documents. However, Adobe Reader 8.0 and later versions have made a strong comeback, especially with their 3D capabilities, which my structural engineer colleagues use extensively for long-distance collaboration.

Autodesk TruView and Project Management

But that is on the DWF side of the equation.

Dealing with Project Managers and Format Preferences

Let’s shift focus to my project manager, who uses a desktop A3 deskjet printer, and consider the format to send him files. Personally, I would prefer to e-Transmit or bind an AutoCAD file and email it to him. He could then open it in Autodesk TruView. However, the project manager has likely wasted days in the past dealing with DWGs from other consultants who email him files, leading to a lack of trust in the format. Various issues can arise, as anyone familiar with AutoCAD knows, making this a topic best suited for discussions on forums like AUGI World.

Experience with Autodesk TruView

Recently, I explored what Autodesk TruView offers. I often carry around a Vista laptop and wasn’t thrilled with how the old ‘Convert’ utility is now integrated into TruView. Although viewing and converting simultaneously makes sense, I miss the simplicity of the old ‘Convert’ utility.

In the past, using the DWF viewer was a pleasure. Now, TruView is necessary for batch file conversions, but I find it clunky and awkward. The only feature I appreciated in TruView on my Vista laptop was the ability to create PDFs from DWGs, which I use occasionally. TruView’s capability to measure areas and distances in AutoCAD files has also saved me in a pinch when I had only an internet connection and a laptop available.

Overall Assessment of TruView

Overall, I view TruView as a ‘get out of danger’ tool. It tries to handle many tasks simultaneously, which often results in none being performed exceptionally well. TruView even includes a ‘markup’ capability, presumably for project managers with laptops on site who need to make quick markups on DWG files to send via email. This feature seems inspired by DWF Composer and the newer Autodesk Design Review product, but it feels overwhelming.

Feedback from the Community

I know many visualization artists at CG Architect use these viewer applications alongside tools like 3DS VIZ. Feel free to share your comments, complaints, or experiences here. I just needed to express my frustrations about this topic today.


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