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Adobe Creative Cloud has become a much more efficient tool for managing, installing, and updating Adobe’s array of software on your device. Although the new features are beneficial, it would be preferable if you didn’t need to frequently switch to your web browser.

Adobe Creative Cloud serves as the central hub for all your Adobe activities. This platform allows you to launch any installed Adobe application, discover and install new apps, and review files saved on Adobe Cloud. Additionally, it provides access to tutorials for popular Adobe apps and the stock media libraries of Adobe Stock. Since our last review, the interface has undergone a significant redesign, so we revisited it to explore how it functions in 2024.


  • Elegant interface
  • Ideal for managing Adobe software
  • Useful additional features


  • Too many links lead you away from the software

Adobe Creative Cloud: Pricing & Plans

While Creative Cloud itself is free, a subscription is required to manage your other Adobe software, which can be costly but potentially offers good value for money.

To use Creative Cloud, you must log in with an Adobe ID, which is free. Post-login, selecting a subscription plan is necessary to access Adobe’s extensive software portfolio. Pricing varies for individuals, educational institutions, and businesses. Here are some individual pricing options:

  • 12-month plan: $59.99 per month ($719.88 total cost)

Top-tier applications like Photoshop and Premiere Pro cost $23 per month each. Other pricing includes Adobe Acrobat Pro at $20 and Adobe Express at $10. The ‘all apps’ package is available for $60 per month.

These prices reflect Adobe’s ‘annual billed monthly’ model, effectively a 12-month contract paid monthly. Monthly subscriptions are more expensive, while annual upfront subscriptions offer the lowest cost. Free trials are available for some apps, and subscriptions can be refunded if canceled within 14 days.

Adobe Creative Cloud: The Apps

Creative Cloud excels at managing your Adobe software, providing an intuitive interface for installing new apps, removing unwanted ones, and keeping everything updated.

Since our last review, Creative Cloud has streamlined its interface. The sidebar now features pre-assigned shortcuts to installed apps, current information about relevant apps, the latest files on Adobe Cloud, and quick links to Adobe Express and Firefly, Adobe’s AI art generator.

I have relied on Adobe Creative Cloud for over three years, finding it the best choice among competitors. The app I use most is Adobe Photoshop, which has been indispensable in my professional career. For all its features, I absolutely love Creative Cloud. If you’re a graphic designer, you need this software as it is the top graphic design tool available.

In the ‘Apps’ section, you can manage all your Adobe software, from installing new applications to removing old ones and keeping them updated. We appreciate the comprehensive control over updates, allowing you to manually select updates or let Creative Cloud handle everything automatically. For major updates, you can opt to retain the old version while installing the new one, a crucial feature for ongoing projects that shouldn’t be disrupted by new changes.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Learning Resources

Adobe Creative Cloud has a useful Discover section that provides tutorials and access to Adobe’s Community forum. The redesigned Discover page makes it easy to navigate and find information, but it’s inconvenient that many links redirect you to your web browser.

Previously, the Discover section was tucked away in a subtle menu on the top left of the interface. Now, it occupies a prominent spot on the left sidebar, making it much more accessible. This section includes tutorials and tips for seven major Adobe apps such as Acrobat, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and InDesign. Video tutorials and support from Adobe’s community are also available. However, while most videos and live streams can be accessed directly within the Creative Cloud interface, other content links open in your web browser, which can be disruptive.

Pros and Cons



  • Too many redirects to web browsers

Stock & Marketplace

The Stock & Marketplace section has a sleek design and appears feature-rich. Unfortunately, any action you take redirects you to your web browser. This section boasts categories such as Photos, Audio, Templates, and Plugins. You can filter your search results and browse through a wide range of featured items, but the interaction is less user-friendly since it forces you to juggle between the app and your web browser.

User Feedback

Many users appreciate the convenience of accessing various Adobe services through a single account and the seamless integration of assets. However, some users find the pricing intimidating and the vast array of options overwhelming.

“I appreciate the way it operates and the wealth of features it offers. It’s powerful for synchronizing and sharing data.”

“The integration with other Adobe software is excellent, making it easy to use and highly productive.”

“The best part is having access to all these services through one account, making asset management effortless.”

“The pricing can be daunting, and navigating all the options can be challenging for hobbyists.”

The Stock & Marketplace section is well-organized but primarily serves as a portal to your web browser, which can be inconvenient. It’s akin to a facade in an old movie set, giving the appearance of functionality while lacking depth in the app itself.

Overall Assessment

Creative Cloud serves as a comprehensive management tool for Adobe apps, featuring tutorials and access to new media. Despite the frequent need to switch to a web browser, it is a significant improvement over previous versions. The interface is more intuitive, and the sidebar layout enhances usability. However, the user experience could be further enhanced by reducing the reliance on external web browsers.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Ratings

  • Pricing & Plans: Free to use, but requires subscriptions for Adobe apps – 4/5
  • The Apps: Excellent for managing Adobe apps – 5/5
  • Tutorials: Useful but too many links to web browsers – 3/5
  • Stock Media: Well-designed but reliant on web browsers – 3/5

Should You Buy It?

Buy if…

  • You have an Adobe subscription and need to manage its apps.
  • You want to browse for relevant information and additional media.

Don’t Buy if…

  • You are not an Adobe user and don’t need access to all apps and tutorials.

Adobe Creative Cloud in use during our tests shows which apps need updating and allows you to choose which version to keep.


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