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DaVinci Resolve 19 Review

The latest release of DaVinci Resolve, version 19, is a remarkable upgrade that caters to a wide array of content creators. Whether you are a professional or a serious hobbyist, both the free and paid versions offer impressive capabilities. Although it may seem daunting due to its complexity and steep learning curve, the one-time payment for the Studio version enhances its attractiveness. If you’re new to video editing or find other software limiting, DaVinci Resolve is a top recommendation.

Key Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Advantages:
    • Highly detailed and advanced features
    • Outstanding color-grading tools
    • Comprehensive documentation
    • Extensive free version and a one-time payment for the Studio version
  • Disadvantages:
    • Initially overwhelming and complex
    • Requires a modern, powerful system for optimal performance
    • Render times for complex timelines could be better

Functionality & Usability

DaVinci Resolve must compete with numerous video editing software options. For everyone from casual content creators to professional editors, the rise of powerful computing platforms handling ultra-high-resolution video has expanded the flexibility and capability of software. While Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro are still popular, DaVinci Resolve has emerged as a strong contender, offering professional editing, color grading, and audio editing in a compelling free package.

Advanced Tools for Professionals

For experienced users, DaVinci Resolve includes the Fusion 3D CGI effect generator and the Fairlight audio tool, used in major productions like The Avengers and Hunger Games. The software comes in two versions: the free platform, suitable for most users, and the Studio version, which offers extensive tools for professionals. The Studio version supports collaboration, advanced color-grading tools, and up to 60fps exports at Ultra HD 3840×2160 resolution. This version is a favorite among professionals, but the free version is powerful enough for casual users and enthusiasts, making it popular among content creators like YouTubers and streamers.

Transparent Pricing and Licensing

The one-time fee of $295 for the Studio version is appreciated for its transparency, and the absence of a subscription model is a significant advantage. The Organizations app allows companies to buy or rent licenses, making it easier to manage license allocation within large groups. Licenses can be assigned to specific projects and removed upon completion.

Enhanced Grading Tools and Proxy Workflow

Blackmagic Design has introduced a new feature called “Film Look Creator,” which replicates film properties like halation, bloom, grain, flicker, gate weave, and vignetting. The Blackmagic Proxy Generator app automates the creation and management of proxies from camera originals, converting new media into H.264, H.265, or ProRes proxies to speed up editing workflows. Users can extract proxies into a separate folder for offline work and switch between original footage and proxies with a single click.

New AI Features

DaVinci Resolve 19 introduces IntelliTrack AI, which includes a point tracker for tracking and stabilization, allowing for multiple points within the frame to be tracked, and automatic audio panning. This AI can follow objects across the frame and adjust the audio accordingly, enhancing scene immersion. Editors can now work directly with transcribed audio, colorists can produce rich film-like tones, and VFX artists have access to new tools in Fusion.

Final Thoughts

If you are accustomed to other software like Adobe, transitioning to DaVinci Resolve 19 will require some adjustment. The software features several ‘pages’ or modes for navigating between color grading, editing, delivering, and tweaking sound. Once familiar with these pages, you will find the software highly functional and efficient.

Smart Media Handling

With DaVinci Resolve 19, media management has become incredibly intuitive. The software now features intelligent media location management, enabling swift linkage of media to your unique file paths when collaborating. This eliminates the need for manual relinking or asset searching, allowing more time for creativity and less time spent on administrative tasks.

Innovative Presentation Tools

A standout addition is the “Defocus Background” tool. This feature lets you isolate the foreground using blur tools and adjust the level of anamorphism to emulate anamorphic lenses. The new Presentations feature allows you to export your timeline to the Blackmagic Cloud, where multiple collaborators can review your work, leave comments, and engage in live chat. Feedback appears as markers on your timeline, facilitating quick action on suggestions.

Enhanced Collaboration with Timeline Locking

Collaboration is now more streamlined with the new timeline locking operation. This feature automatically locks the timeline to the first user, preventing multiple users from selecting the same timeline without locking the entire bin. This allows multiple editors to work on different timelines within the same bin simultaneously.

User Interface and Workflow

Upon opening a project, you might feel a bit overwhelmed initially. The primary workspace is the ‘editing’ page, featuring a familiar three-panel layout. The timeline is at the bottom, similar to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro. The video preview is on the right, the selected clip preview in the middle, and imported video files on the left. Adding clips to your timeline is straightforward, and effects like transitions are easily implemented by dragging them over your timeline. You can also preview transitions by hovering over them, which is a handy feature. Creating titles is simple, and the advanced features like motion tracking are impressive, even in the free version.

New Live TV Broadcast Features

DaVinci Resolve 19 introduces several features for live TV broadcasting, accessible in the Cut Page. These include live camera recording selection for instant replay, slow motion, and the ability to insert stingers. Point Of Interest markers (POIs) help you quickly find specific moments on every camera angle and play them with added effects or at varying speeds. The Smart Reframe tool can reframe landscape shots for vertical platforms like TikTok, maintaining the chosen point of interest centered. Built-in stabilization is also more effective compared to competitors, offering ample adjustment options.


Regarding peripherals, Blackmagicdesign offers an impressive array of panels and controllers designed for professional editing. These integrate seamlessly with the software and often come with discounts when purchasing a DaVinci Studio license. The Fairlight audio section has received useful updates, including the Dialogue Separator FX, which provides more control over dialogue tracks. The Music Remixer FX allows for remixing voice, drums, bass, guitar, and other sources, and the new ducker track FX simplifies auto-ducking, automatically lowering background music volume during dialogue.

System Requirements and Performance

DaVinci Resolve’s performance is exceptional on both M1 Mac setups and Windows 11 PCs with an RTX 3060 graphics card. Editing 4K files showed minimal lag, no buffering, and quick import times from both in-built SSD drives and external sources. However, the minimum system requirements do necessitate a good quality setup.

Blackmagic Cloud Integration

DaVinci Resolve 19 supports Blackmagic Cloud, allowing you to host project libraries on the DaVinci Resolve Project Server in the cloud. This enables collaborative work with editors, colorists, VFX artists, and audio engineers on the same project simultaneously, regardless of location.

All the New Features

    • IntelliTrack AI for tracking and stabilization
    • DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor support
    • Media player and playout system in the Cut page
    • New multiview option in the source tape
    • Ability to edit timeline content based on source clip transcription
    • ColorSlice six vector grading palette
  • AI-powered UltraNR noise reduction for spatial denoising
  • Node Stack for managing complex grading workflows
  • Film Look Creator
  • Defocus Background for isolating the foreground with blur
  • Multi Poly tool for easier rotoscoping
  • USD enhancements for Material X and advanced volumetric shading
  • Integrated native Ambisonics workflow
  • IntelliTrack powered audio panning in Fairlight
  • Music Remixer FX
  • Dialogue Separator FX
  • Ducker track FX for auto level management

Conclusion: Should You Get DaVinci Resolve?

There is little reason not to fully recommend DaVinci Resolve to both experienced and amateur filmmakers and content creators. The only drawbacks are the steep learning curve and the need for a powerful system. Despite these, its extensive features and capabilities make it a valuable tool. If you’re willing to invest the time to learn, you’ll be able to produce impressive footage with this software.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio 19

The latest version of DaVinci Resolve is a genuinely impressive piece of kit, and with version 19, it further appeals to a wide range of content creators. Professionals and serious enthusiasts are well catered for in both the free and paid versions, and despite its complexity and steep learning curve, a one-off payment for the Studio version further adds to its appeal. If you’re just starting out or are frustrated by any limitations that may present themselves with other software, we’d look no further than this.


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